SA's 1st AMD Ryzen VPS Hosting

Experience Ultra-High performance with our premium AMD Ryzen VPS Hosting, powered by the latest-gen AMD Ryzen 9 7900x CPUs. Starting From Just R299/pm

Standard VPS Memory Optimised VPS

Supercharge your VPS with Water-Cooled Ryzen CPUs

With unmatched CPU boost speeds of 5.6Ghz our precision-tuned Ryzen VPS servers will exceed your performance expectations.
Designed for those that demand a low-latency, supercharged platform offering the absolute best performance available.


Datacentre Locations Available: Cape Town Johannesburg


Datacentre Locations Available: Cape Town Johannesburg


Datacentre Locations Available: Cape Town Johannesburg


Datacentre Locations Available: Cape Town Johannesburg

What are the benefits of choosing a VPS with a Ryzen processor?
Embark on a New Era of Hosting Excellence with AMD Ryzen VPS in South Africa. Witness the extraordinary impact of AMD Ryzen processors that have ignited a tech revolution. Our state-of-the-art Ryzen VPS hosting taps into unrivaled CPU capabilities, where just one Ryzen core often outperforms MULTIPLE Intel Xeon cores. Revel in the supremacy of single-threaded performance, exclusively delivered by our AMD Ryzen platform. Complementing this power, our Ryzen VPS hosting integrates pure NVMe storage, ensuring your disk performance seamlessly matches the blazing-fast CPU abilities. Step into the future of VPS hosting in South Africa, where AMD Ryzen's dominance is fused with NVMe efficiency
Ryzen Benchmarks

The results above are based on the most common CPUs used by other SA hosting providers. Our benchmark results can be found here.
The results reflected above are a guideline based on Geekbench 6 benchmark results for single-core scores and is in no way a guaranteed result when performing Geekbench tests.

Unleash Unmatched VPS Performance

Experience the raw power of AMD Ryzen processors, This is the ideal solution that for those that demand a low-latency for workloads that benefit from superfast single-threaded speeds.

Enterprise Hardware

Embrace the future of VPS hosting with AMD Ryzen, Powered By DDR5 and Pure NVMe Storage for enhanced efficiency and seamless multitasking.

KVM Servers powered by AMD Ryzen 9 7900X CPUS

Experience the unmatched power of the Zen4 architecture with 12 CPU cores, 24 threads with a base clock speed of 4.7Ghz and boost clock of 5.6Ghz.


Available Operating Systems

Available OS templates for an easy 1-click reinstall at any time.

Ubuntu Server

Ubuntu Server is a popular and versatile operating system designed for server environments. It's based on the Linux kernel and features regular long-term support (LTS) releases. Ubuntu Server is known for its stability, security, and extensive software ecosystem, making it an ideal choice for hosting web services, databases, and applications.

Available templates

Ubuntu Server 20 LTS

Ubuntu Server 22 LTS

Ubuntu Server 23


Debian stands as a fast and robust operating system, rooted in the Linux kernel. It is meticulously crafted from open-source software and thrives through the collaborative efforts of the Debian Project community.

Embraced by numerous SysAdmins and industry experts, Debian has become the favored distribution.

Available templates

Debian 10

Debian 11

Debian 12


CentOS, a cost-free Linux distribution, maintains full functional compatibility with RHEL while omitting commercial support.

CentOS typically provides extensive long-term support, alongside diligent security and stability-focused development, ensuring maintenance updates for each major version.

Available templates

CentOS 7

CentOS Stream 8

CentOS Stream 9


AlmaLinux, a community-owned and governed Linux distribution, prioritizes long-term stability and delivers a production-grade operating system.

Being a 1:1 binary-compatible fork of RHEL, transitioning to AlmaLinux from CentOS or other RHEL forks is a seamless process.

Available templates

AlmaLinux 8

AlmaLinux 9

Windows Server

Windows represents an operating system crafted by Microsoft. Starting from 2003, Microsoft has introduced a series of server operating systems under the title of Microsoft Windows Server.

Windows Server enjoys popularity among numerous .NET development studios, making it their operating system of choice.

Available templates

Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2019

Windows Server 2022

*Requires a license.

Our Datacentres

With Strategic locations in major SA metropolitan areas our hosting facilities built using the latest technology, you have the option to choose From Two South African Regions.

Easy to use

Server Control Panel

Our fully integrated and intuitive VPS control panel allows easy management of your virtual machine.

Start, Reboot, Stop and Shutdown

Create and manage backups

Single-click reinstallation of OS

Monitor CPU and Disk IOPs

Graph network usage

Password Reset

Console access & noVNC

View Our Data Centres
All our VPS Services and data are hosted in South Africa

Why Host your VPS with Rackzar?

Backed by our Expert team with combind 45+ Years of Hosting Industry Experience!

Help when you need it
Premium Support

We believe that every customer deserves a premium support experience no matter what your monthly spend.
We're here to assist you 365 days a year.

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South African Owned

Rackzar is Proudly South African, hosted in South Africa with Data Centres in major metropolitan areas including Cape Town and Johannesburg.

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Powerful Servers

We take pride in offering great performance with affordability at every price point. Enterprise hardware
backed by 24/7 Support.

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Customise your VPS with premium add-ons

Take your VPS to the next level with our range of premium add-ons and customisation options

  • Control Panel
  • Backups
  • SSL Certificates
  • RMM Management
monitoring 24/7/365

Effortlessly Manage Your VPS with cPanel and Plesk Control Panel

Take control of your website with our user-friendly cPanel and Plesk control panels. With powerful management tools and an intuitive interface, you can easily manage your website, email, files, and more. Plus, enjoy reliable performance and advanced security features for ultimate peace of mind.


Free Backup Slot with all VPS Plans

Protect your data with our free backup service for VPS servers. Enjoy automatic, regular backups of your entire system, giving you peace of mind that your data is safe and secure. Plus, easily restore files or even your entire system with just a few clicks

SSL Certificates

Secure Your Website with SSL Certificates for Enhanced Protection

Protect your website and gain the trust of your customers with our selection of SSL certificates for VPS servers. Enjoy advanced encryption, increased security, and enhanced authentication features for the ultimate website protection. Plus, boost your search engine rankings and attract more customers with a secure, trustworthy website.


Efficiently Manage Your VPS with Real-Time Monitoring and Control Using Our Robust RMM Tools

RMM is the ultimate solution for Microsoft VPS management. With powerful automation, real-time monitoring, and customisable alerts, you can stay on top of your VPS performance and security. Plus, with remote access and control, you can efficiently manage your VPS from anywhere, anytime.

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