Hosting Locations in South Africa

Our partnered facilities are best in class Tier Three or Four data centres.

Africa Data Centre Samrand

Africa Data Centre, JHB2

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The Africa Data Centres' purpose-built Tier IV facility in Johannesburg, known as the Samrand Data Centre, provides top-tier security and reliability, making it ideal for demanding financial service organizations. JHB2 data centre boasts complete redundancy in power and cooling components, robust physical security, and seamless scalability for future expansion. As with all Africa Data Centres, the Johannesburg facility operates on a fully carrier- and cloud-neutral basis.

Direct access to JINX Internet Exchange.

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Teraco Isando, JB1

Teraco Isando

Strategically located in Ekurhuleni, the greater Johannesburg Metropol’s trade and industry hub, the Isando Campus is strategically positioned to serve the local and African market as the connectivity and interconnection hub for cloud, content, and connectivity. Teraco’s Isando Campus provides the cloud on-ramps for Amazon, Google, Huawei, Microsoft’s Azure, Oracle Cloud.

Direct access to NAPAfrica & JINX Internet Exchanges, 250+ ISPs and CDN Providers.

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Teraco JB1

Xneelo Datacentre

Xneelo, JHB1

Xneelo Samrand

Xneelo's data centre, established in 2013, ensures robust connectivity by utilizing diverse and redundant fibre routes linked to a 10Gbps fibre ring. The facility maintains multi-homing through EOH-NS, Metrofibre Networx, JINX, and NAPAfrica.

For continuous operation, the data centre employs a 2N fully redundant power system with physically-separated A+B feeds. In the event of utility power loss, the facility can operate indefinitely thanks to diesel generators. To support this, the data centre can store up to 53,000 litres of fuel, with a proactive refueling strategy in place to ensure tanks are replenished well before depletion.

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Africa Data Center, CPT1

ADC Cape Town

State-of-the-art, carrier-neutral data center in Cape Town addresses the increasing demand for cloud-based services in Southern Africa.
The current facility offers 1,800 square meters of secure rack space with 5.5 MW of power. Over 6,000 square meters and 25 MW of power capacity.

Connected through fiber routes of major carriers, the center hosts internet exchanges independently operated by INX-ZA, facilitating quick and cost-effective peering among connected members in different data centers.

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ADC Cape Town
Teraco CT1

Teraco, CT1

Teraco Cape Town

Located in the commercial heart of Rondebosch, Cape Town – Teraco’s first vendor-neutral colocation facility, CT1, set the benchmark for service delivery and the guaranteed 99.999% uptime environmental design methodology employed by Teraco in all its subsequent facilities. 5MVA Power Capacity, N+1 Cooling and N+1 UPS Redundancy. 99.999% Uptime

Direct access to NAPAfrica & CINX Internet Exchanges, Many ISPs and CDN providers.

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Belville Data Center, CPT1

Dimension Data Cape Town

Purpose-built and shared with Sanlam. Datacentre is located in the Sanlam head office basement and Houses multiple financial service clients managed by NTT. Built in line with TIA-942 Tier 3 design principles.

This Datacentre is located underground and offers 5 Data halls, Full Power redundancy & fire suppression and 24/7 security. The DC is Connected via major fiber routes of many carriers.

Dimension Data Cape Town

Secure facility for your Data

Businesses choose to migrate their IT infrastructure off premise to our state-of-the-art facilities can relax knowing their data is safe.

Choose from two South African Regions

With Strategic locations in major SA metropolitan areas our hosting facilities built using the latest technology.

Maximum Physical Security

Rest assured our data centres sites are protected by industry leading security practices and fully manned 24/7/365 by onsite personal. All sites are protected by bio-metric scanners and undergo annual compliance audits to ensure systems are being adhered too.

Before you may enter the facilities, you must pass two-factor authentication with biometrics to continue moving through the datacentre. If your identity is validated, you can enter only the portion of the datacentre that you have approved access to.


High Availability Redundant Systems

All facilities have redundant power backup to enable the data centre to continue to run without power from our national supplier. Using both UPS and diesel generators protects the datacentre from power outages (Load-Shedding) experienced in South Africa.

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