Dedicated Servers South Africa

When you prefer not to share! All resources, including RAM, storage, CPU, and network capacity, are dedicated, with no interference from noisy neighbors.

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Powerful Bare Metal Servers, Unbeatable Pricing

Enhance your online presence with our lightning-fast bare metal servers, offering unmatched performance and speed.
Benefit from dedicated resources, strong security, and effortless scalability, all at unbeatable prices.

We do what others don’t dare. Can't find the configuration that you’re looking for?
Please contact us for a custom quote.

  Privacy Focused

It's our responsibility to protect your privacy, We don't collect data on what runs on your server.

  Great Flexibility

No contracts! Month to month, because we understand how important flexibility is to our customers.

  Remote Management

Always in control with Console/KVM access to remotely access and control your dedicated server 24/7.

  High Performance

Experience the incredible speed of NVMe storage with South Africa's fastest bare-metal servers.

  B2B Focused

Let us work together to grow your business, improve your performance, and stay competitive.

  Years of Experience

Experience is everything, We take pride in the relationships we've built and the trust we've earned.

  Premium Support

Everyone deserves a premium support experience, our team of experts are on hand to support you.

  Server Management

For a fee, Entrust our team to deliver the meticulous white-glove management your server requires.

Available Operating Systems

Available OS templates for an easy 1-click reinstall at any time.

Ubuntu Server

Ubuntu Server is a popular and versatile operating system designed for server environments. It's based on the Linux kernel and features regular long-term support (LTS) releases. Ubuntu Server is known for its stability, security, and extensive software ecosystem, making it an ideal choice for hosting web services, databases, and applications.

Available templates

Ubuntu Server 20 LTS

Ubuntu Server 22 LTS

Ubuntu Server 23


Debian stands as a fast and robust operating system, rooted in the Linux kernel. It is meticulously crafted from open-source software and thrives through the collaborative efforts of the Debian Project community.

Embraced by numerous SysAdmins and industry experts, Debian has become the favored distribution.

Available templates

Debian 10

Debian 11

Debian 12


CentOS, a cost-free Linux distribution, maintains full functional compatibility with RHEL while omitting commercial support.

CentOS typically provides extensive long-term support, alongside diligent security and stability-focused development, ensuring maintenance updates for each major version.

Available templates

CentOS 7

CentOS Stream 8

CentOS Stream 9


AlmaLinux, a community-owned and governed Linux distribution, prioritizes long-term stability and delivers a production-grade operating system.

Being a 1:1 binary-compatible fork of RHEL, transitioning to AlmaLinux from CentOS or other RHEL forks is a seamless process.

Available templates

AlmaLinux 8

AlmaLinux 9

Windows Server

Windows represents an operating system crafted by Microsoft. Starting from 2003, Microsoft has introduced a series of server operating systems under the title of Microsoft Windows Server.

Windows Server enjoys popularity among numerous .NET development studios, making it their operating system of choice.

Available templates

Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2019

Windows Server 2022

*Requires a license.

Our Datacentres

With Strategic locations in major SA metropolitan areas our hosting facilities built using the latest technology, you have the option to choose From Two South African Regions.

Easy to use

Server Control Panel

Our fully integrated and intuitive control panel allows easy management of your dedicated server.

Start, Reboot, Stop and Shutdown

Single-click reinstallation of OS

Graph network usage

Password Reset

Console access & noVNC

Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting

Increased Power

Increased Power

A dedicated server is a physical machine, that is entirely dedicated to a single customer, business, or organization. This is where it differentiates from shared hosting, like the cloud. After all, why settle for just a fraction of the servers resources in cloud hosting when you can harness the full might of the entire server to leverage resources to their fullest potential

Cost-Effective Solution

While the cloud may tout affordability, the reality is often different. Yes, the upfront cost of a dedicated server is higher than choosing a cloud hosting option, but in the long run your business can profit from this investment. With a dedicated server, businesses can optimise their infrastructure utilisation, reduce downtime, and align their hosting costs with their specific needs. With this, your business can avoid unnecessary expenses.

Cost-Effective Solution

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

Dedicated servers provide unbeatable protection against external threats. You retain full control over incoming and outgoing traffic. In an era of frequent cyber-attacks and constant data leaks, your customers demand robust security more than ever, whether it's meeting stringent data regulations like POPI or PCI compliance. When you control the server, you control its security.

Exceptional Reliability

At Rackzar we understand that uptime is vital to your business – it's vital to our business, too. All dedicated servers are equipped with redundant power supplies and a robust network infrastructure to minimize downtime and ensure uninterrupted service.

Exceptional Reliability

Flexibility and Customization

Flexibility and Customization

Anything achievable in the cloud can also be accomplished on a dedicated server. With a private dedicated server, you're always in control. Build and customize your infrastructure to stay at the forefront of technology with the flexibility offered by dedicated servers and avoid the pitfalls of vendor lock-in. Proprietary systems like AWS or Azure can limit your ability to migrate as costs soar. With non-proprietary solutions, like those offered by Rackzar, you maintain complete control.

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All our Dedicated Servers and data are hosted in South Africa

Why Host your VPS with Rackzar?

Backed by our Expert team with combind 45+ Years of Hosting Industry Experience!

Help when you need it
Premium Support

We believe that every customer deserves a premium support experience no matter what your monthly spend.
We're here to assist you 365 days a year.

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Support local
South African Owned

Rackzar is Proudly South African, hosted in South Africa with Data Centres in major metropolitan areas including Cape Town and Johannesburg.

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Powerful Servers

We take pride in offering great performance with affordability at every price point. Enterprise hardware
backed by 24/7 Support.

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Customise your server with premium add-ons

Do you require additional resources or control panels, we allow you to customise your server.

  • Control Panel
  • Backups
  • Private Backlink (LAN)
  • Software & OS
monitoring 24/7/365

Easy management with cPanel or Plesk

Planning on hosting Websites? We can offer bundled cPanel is a popular solution for managing all of your websites.

With its intuitive graphical interface, you can manage your projects in just a few clicks, and easily define your web hosting spaces and email servers. cPanel dedicated servers are aimed at independent developers, small to medium enterprises, web agencies and professional resellers.


Backup Storage for dedicated servers

Select from a range of backup options available to ensure your data remains safe.

Should you require fully managed backups please enquire with your sales on the cost as each deployment is unique.

Free Private LAN

Free Private LAN

In order to help you communicate with your servers in a secure manner we offer free Private Lan connection at 1Gbit should you have more than a single dedicated server hosted with us.

We can offer high speed interconnects at 10Gbit, 25Gbit or 40Gbit at an additional cost.


We Support All the Popular Operating Systems

We support many Linux Distros, Microsoft Server, ESXi, XEN and Proxmox Hypervisors.

Select from a range of popular applications and databases during checkout.